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50. Other advances in home security systems include notification systems that went from alerting neighbors with a shrill and annoying alarm, to directly notifying police. Is it the very existence of these home security systems that deters burglars?Perhaps it is the idea that burglars would be less likely to get away with their crime with the police en route as soon as the alarm sounds. Current data suggests that homes without security systems are 2. 7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. Unfortunately, these statistics do not shed light on why burglars choose not to break in to these homes. Why should a burglar care whether his or her crime could be punishable as a felony or a misdemeanor?The punishment for a felony is much more severe. After someone commits three felonies, the criminal will receive a much harsher punishment regardless of the nature of the third felony. Punishment is not the only thing that should scare these criminals straight. They should take into consideration the necessity of work and living arrangements, as individuals with a felony conviction on their criminal record have a considerably low chance of obtaining gainful employment or even renting a moderately decent home. Almost everything done in today’s society utilizes a criminal background check.

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Getting a safe is one of the most important steps homeowners can take to secure important documents and priceless possessions.

Home automation comes standard on all but the most basic service, allowing consumers to control their security system remotely.

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f Vega value: Vega value shows the change of the motion sensors, sensors that monitor or detect glass breakage, and for maximum protection, also include smoke and carbon dioxide sensors.

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